Road to Metropolis

First Session

The Runners Meet

Well, as far as first runs go, I can’t say this one is boring. I guess they’re right when they say “careful what you wish for.”

It started with a message from Alexander. He knew I’d been restless and was looking for…work. So I followed his suggestion and went to the soy-caf place at the appropriate time. I wasn’t sure who, or what, to expect…but I sure wasn’t expecting the others who showed up.

First to arrive was…well, actually, I’m not sure, other than human. He or she is Japanese, I think, and goes by Cheshire. Dressed awesomely, like Rude from Final Fantasy; maybe we can talk anime sometime. Next was an elf named Simon, and he’s taller than me, but surprisingly, not by much, and I’m not that tall. The human who showed up after him, Nicholas, was taller yet, easily two meters, and big. He looks like a cop, but from the chatter he was trading with the elf, it sounds like he’s not anymore.

So we were told to deliver a package to Grand Casino Hinckley, north of Metropolis, and not only were we under a time limit, but we were told that there will be people trying to stop us. That meant we were going to have to travel through the Hive. I do not relish running into the Old Man again…but it might be inevitable.

Everyone had what they needed, but we decided as a team that a sniper rifle might not be a bad idea, so we had to stop by my place. I found a set of keys on the counter, to a Morben Industries van. Sweet! Even better, it had compartments to help hide my rifle.

We got on the road and made it through the gate. I was surprised at first that Cheshire wasn’t driving, since s/he seems to have quite the affinity with technology. But Cheshire said the van was…technologically deficient, or something. Simon suggested that Nicholas drive, because he would know the guards at the Wall, and had the best chance of getting us through safely.

We did make it through the Wall without incident. However, once we hit 35 after the northern junction, traffic came to a standstill. That was bad enough, but it got worse when we saw four men in suits get out of a gorgeous Nightsky. We all knew trouble had found us already.

But Simon turned out to be a mage. He hit them with a manaball before I could even get my Predators out of their holsters. Cheshire was doing…something. I think it involved hacking the Nightsky, because I saw – I swear! – a Tachikoma, like from Ghost in the Shell, driving it. It was awesome. (I may have giggled. Not professional. Need to not do that.)

Nicholas saw an opening in the traffic and took the van offroading. We left our first enemies behind, but who knows who – or what – else waits for us before we get to Grand Casino?


dangerjosh Lyra

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