Road to Metropolis

Second Session

Special Delivery

After our brief off-roading adventure, we made it back onto the Interstate. When we reached the border of Waldochia, we were summoned to see the Old Man. They brought us to the main building, the Hive. After walking through its spiraling halls, we came to the room where Old Man Waldoch sat on his throne. Just like the last time I was here, there were eight or nine scantily-clad women sitting on the level just below his feet.

The Old Man, just as spry as he was seven years earlier, had a proposition for us – quite literally. He wanted us to let him take a look inside the package, because he apparently had a suspicion that some unsavory types were trying to make a deal with the head of Grand Casino to take over part of Waldochia lands. In return, he offered us not only cash, but the others their choice of his women – and me a night with him. (I managed not to shudder, but it was close.) We declined, because how would we ever get another job if we double-crossed our very first employers? The Old Man eventually let us leave.

However, when we got onto the road again, it wasn’t long before we saw a biker gang come into view. Cheshire identified them as Tracker Jackers, a Waldochian gang. There looked to be seven or eight of them. Cheshire rigged up something with a crowbar and bungee cords that allowed me to snipe out the back doors of the van without letting the doors open too wide or swing closed. Simon hurled a manaball at them, and I managed one shot before Nicholas lost control of the van, sending it skidding in circles. When he regained control, they were nearly upon us. One had a Molotov cocktail in hand; Simon hit him with magic and broke the bottle, spilling the now-flaming contents all over the biker. One by one, we picked off the others. One daring biker managed to go airborne, landing next to the side of the van, but he died like his companions.

After that, we entered the city of Hinckley. Just inside town, our van mysteriously died, right across the street from a little place called Casa del Vin. A stranger invited us to have a glass of wine with him. Cheshire stayed with the van to fix it, despite the stranger’s invite and then attempt to steal one of Cheshire’s drones. The stranger wanted to offer us a paltry 50 nuyen apiece to allow him to simply scan the package. We refused, and he didn’t push the issue. The van started up again, and we covered the last of the distance to the casino.

Once at the casino, we were escorted down to the basement, where there was a shooting range. Our contact, Omar, was appearing to torment an elf by making the elf walk down the range to hang the fresh target, then unloading his gun into the target while making the elf stand next to it. We delivered the package and got our payment. Nicholas and Simon wanted to hang around the casino proper a bit. Simon offered Cheshire a drink. Turns out Cheshire is underage, and very different when intoxicated…While they drank and saw a show, I got a call from Uncle, letting us know that we had done fairly well – other than letting his delivery van get shot up – and that he possibly had a new job for us.

Our drive back to Metropolis was uneventful. Once there, Nicholas suggested going to a bar he likes, the Sword’s Edge. The bartender there is Simon’s uncle, and there seems to be some history with Nicholas, SImon, and Simon’s sister, from what I gathered from their conversation. Nicholas keeps accusing Simon of kidnapping, stealing, blowing stuff up, and rape, but Simon denies most – well, some – of it, and his Uncle Joe seems to back up Simon’s side of it.

Cheshire, a bit tipsy again since Joe said drinks were on the house, asked if my uncle could get him some weapons parts. We all went together to visit Uncle in his lovely fortress – er, house. Uncle greeted me with my real name, but no one seemed to notice, or at least, no one commented on it. I think my expression may have tipped Uncle off, because even though he stumbled over it a bit, he did call me Riza after that.

Uncle asked to see Cheshire’s gun to do the upgrades, but Cheshire wanted to do them. Then Uncle offered to sell Cheshire one of his excellent Morben Arms guns, but Cheshire got all uppity. I mean, yeah, Uncle did insult Ares by saying something along the lines of “they crapped out a piece of steel and formed it into a gun shape,” but, well, Uncle’s stuff is so much better, he kinda can get away with it. But in the end, he did sell Cheshire the parts. Nicholas bought some grenades from him, too.

Uncle let us know that he was gathering more information on another run for us; seems someone’s been kidnapped. He’ll be in touch when he has more. Right now, I’m fair jeeked. Time to get some sleep. Well, maybe just one more episode of “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers”…


dangerjosh Lyra

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